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Die, You freak.
"Hey Mister! Got some spare cash?", The homeless bastard on the street corner asks. I whip around. I'm not in a good mood. This guy is going to die. I walk calmly towards him. His face lights up. He thinks he's going to get some money. Yeah, right. Not tonight, you're never going to bother me again. I break into a run. His smile falters. I suppose he's stunned at the sight of a suit running towards him. He's not smiling when I tackle him. The claw hammer comes out. Tommy's the oldest of my kids.
The first hit to his nose breaks it completely. There's a satisfying crunch. It feels so nice to see his nose break. My first shot is usually to the nose. "A job well begun is half done", My mom used to say. The blood flows nicely. He's bleeding like a river.  Tommy gets good ball practice this way. He's a hard hitter.
The shots to his mouth break whatever teeth the jerk had left. I start to pound him left and right.  If the shot lands with the clawed side, the skin m
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Puff away pain
It's way past midnight. I stand on the terrace and look about. The normally busy road is subdued.  The field opposite contains a few men, I judge them to be college students, sitting on the benches and gossiping. I see them every night. It's nothing new.
There's a slight chill in the air. T-shirt and shorts is not really ideal attire when it's winter. I grope around in my pockets for that packet of cigarettes. I take one out, the momentary smell of tobacco, enticing me to light one up. I take one out and put it to my lips. The flame from the match flickers in the breeze. I shield it, and the light illuminates my hands. I wait for the sulfur to burn away. I apply it to the cigarette and take a couple of quick puffs so that it burns evenly. Assured that it is burning properly, I take a long drag. I can feel the nicotine coursing through my blood, feel the slight dizziness as the nicotine hits my brain. I love that feeling, I revel in it. It makes me feel invincible. I don't car
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Purple Hills by DWBeetle Purple Hills :icondwbeetle:DWBeetle 0 0 The Skull Beneath The Skin by DWBeetle The Skull Beneath The Skin :icondwbeetle:DWBeetle 0 0
The End of the Human Race
The following is an account of the events that led to the downfall of the human race and the creation of the New Race.
                                         The Beginning of The End.
300 years of abuse and neglect were always going to take their toll. Man had ravaged earth. He had pillaged and polluted earth for 300 long years. All of earth's defences were subdued. Volcanoes were stifled, the oceans were calmed, earthquakes were stopped before they could occur, hurricanes were prevented. And so Man waxed fat and strong, forcing his will on the other inhabitants of the planet. His welfare came first, the Earth's welfare second.
Mother Nature, however, still had one weapon left....Disease. Humans might have found ways to cure or prevent all the old diseases, they might have er
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The Aliens are coming by DWBeetle The Aliens are coming :icondwbeetle:DWBeetle 0 0
The Forces of Evil Await
I sit here, in this cold, dank,clammy cell. I have only rats for company. The consequences of living my life, the way I wanted to, is the gallows. The Grim Reaper is on his way, to claim my soul for all eternity. The Death Watch Beetle's marking time, counting off each second that slips by.
I have no regrets. I do not repine. The world is but an illusion. I've grown tired of causing mayhem, I'm after bigger game now. These fools think they'll be rid of me... me the one responsible for all the pain in their lives.  
I've done a lot in the short time that I've lived here. I've murdered,pillaged, ruined, destroyed and they could not stop me then. It became so that many people went insane, at the very thought of me. The rulers could not stop me. They were helpless. At last an enraged populace, driven beyond endurance, raised the banner of revolt. Those stinking cowards came in a horde---- a furious mob versus an ice-cold me----- I held out
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Looking down upon me by DWBeetle Looking down upon me :icondwbeetle:DWBeetle 2 1

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Current Residence: Hyperspace
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock and Metal.
Operating System: M$ / DSL-N
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Skin of choice: Bento.
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: I may disagree with what you say, But I shall defend to the death, your right to say it.
My latest deviation "Puff away pain" has my friends believing it's real. I don't know why. I suppose I should take it as a compliment. I don't get it. I thought it was obviously fictional. Yet I am having to convince them that it is fictional. Weird.
  • Listening to: Rock
  • Reading: Stuff for my exams.
  • Watching: TV. VH1 and Animax to be precise
  • Playing: Solitaire and FreeCell
  • Eating: Human Flesh
  • Drinking: Blood


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nice stuff you got here. especially the last two entries.
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